Other Groups

You pick the place – we bring the fun!

Barbara’s Crafty Tales offers on-site 1 to 1.5 hour creative group presentations that encourage children to use their imaginations. Activities include storytelling, art projects, and more!

Just tell us the range of ages in your group, and we’ll help you select the story that would be the most entertaining for the children. All of our stories are adaptable for all girls, all boys, or mixed settings.

Need a location for your activity or event? Ask us for site suggestions!

Preschool Classes

This hour-long program features a choice of 2 stories and projects especially created for 4 – 5 year olds:

  • The Pre-K story is called “The Good Cat”. It features a farmer cat living in a town of dogs. They are mean to the cat, until their sheriff is saved by him. This story has costumes for up to 12 characters, including a Scotty dog doctor, pink poodle, an innkeeper and robbers. The art project shows a cat or dog in a cheerful outside scene.
Good Cat Farmer Dog Sheriff Dalmatian Costume Good Cat Project


  • The story for older 3-4 year olds is called “The Name of the Tree” and has a maximum of 10 jungle animal characters. During a drought, they search for food, and discover a wondrous tree covered with every kind of fruit they can imagine. However, none of them can reach the fruit and they must work together to find a solution.
Lion Costume Giraffe Costume Fruit Tree Jungle Project



Please contact us for details about how we can provide customized programs for your children.

Boy and Girl Scouts

Our activities can help satisfy requirements for badges while providing an entertaining meeting.


Have us bring your campers a special program that is fun and educational, too – you just provide the children, and we’ll do the rest.

Other Occasions

Our presentations can be tailored to fit your event, budget, or time frame.

How our programs work

  • Children perform a narrated story while sitting in a large circle.
  • Costumes and props appropriate to the story are supplied to the children who will portray characters in our unique stories. All costumes are worn over clothing.
  • The story can be adapted to include words and phrases from Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian and Greek.
  • Each child makes an individual art project to take home.

We Provide:

  • Program Leader
  • Activities, including costumes and props
  • Tables, if needed
  • Painter’s cloths for floors and rugs
  • Non-toxic craft materials
  • Smocks/T-shirts to wear over clothing

You Provide:

  • Children (play clothes are suggested) and access to water
  • An open area for the storytelling and project tables

Project Themes include:

  • Native American tale
  • Sea Creatures (fish, dolphins, sea horses, etc.)
  • Mermaids
  • Pirate Ships
  • Horses
Coyote Project Seahorse Project Pirate Project Russian Project


Ages: 5 years old and up; 4 – 5 for the Preschool programs

How Long: approximately 1.5 hours; 1 hour for Preschool programs

When: 7 days a week. Please contact us for availability.

Where: You pick the place, and we bring the fun! Our on-location presentations are perfect for your home, classroom, Scout meeting site, clubhouse, or any location of your choosing in Louisville and surrounding counties.


  • $9 per child (including your child and any siblings who will participate in the craft). Minimum charge of $100.
  • $7 per child for the Preschool programs.
  • For 16 children or more, or for business rates for classes or groups, please contact us for pricing.